Tantha Singing Competition

First round

  1. Make a video of any Manipuri song with you singing.

  2. The Video should be at least 720p (1080p recommended).

  3. You can use instrument.

  4. You can also play track and sing a song .

  5. The Voice should not be mixed and mastered.

  6. This video will be uploaded on Facebook for voting.

  7. Use Manipuri song only, use songs from our YouTube library (recommended).

  8. Like 👍, Love ❤️ and Wow 😮 will be counted as vote number.

Second Round

  1. 10 contestant will be selected from First Round.

  2. Tantha Team will make unplugged music video for each contestant.

  3. This video will be uploaded on Tantha's YouTube channel for voting.

  4. 5 contestant will be selected for next round.

Final Round

  1. Again Tantha will make unplugged music video for each contestant.

  2. This unplugged music video will be uploaded on YouTube for VOTING.

  3. The winner of the competition will be decided by LIKE 👍 (Thumbs UP) he gets on the video.

  4. Tantha Team will produce a original song in Tantha Unplugged Session for the WINNER.

  5. The Music Director of the song will be our renowned Music Director Rahul Blue.



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