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Tantha Top 10

Tantha Top 10 - Official. Is a Music Chart Episode. Hosted by IMPACT TV in partnership with TANTHA. IMPACT TV has given Tantha the opportunity to be the First ever Music Video Rating Chart. 


Tantha Unplugged

Tantha Unplugged brings you the intimate facts on the many singers and bands around us. The show hopes to bring out the story behind the foundation of the singer and the band; the many struggles and memories of them. The show will surely touch the heart and soul of the people; music lovers or not.

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Tantha Cinema Review

Tantha Cinema Review is a collaborative initiation taken by ISTV and Tantha to give a different form of promotion for the Manipur Film Industry.


Tantha Studio

Tantha Studio is an International Initiation in collaboration with KAV (Kishan Audio Visual) and Association with Hill Sound and CP Sound. Tantha envisions to deliver talented and versatile artist a platform to exhibit their talents and performances for the world to see. Tantha shall exhibit Local, National as well International Artist.

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