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Film Forum Manipur and people connected to the entertainment or mass media industries are working together to lead Heal the Feel & Feel the Heal (Rejuvenate Hearts and Mind). In collaboration with Tantha Entertainment Pvt Ltd., Film Forum Manipur has launched the "Heal the Feel & Feel the Heal" initiative. Distinguished advisors from various fields, including Dr. Lenin Rk from the Department of Psychiatry at RIMS and Dr. Angomcha Bimol Akoijam from the Department of Social Sciences at JNU, are leading the initiative. These experts will offer their professional knowledge and suggestions throughout the project. The event will take place at Tanthapolis Cinema in collaboration with Kumec Cinema (Kakwa).

The effort aims to offer a cinematic experience to individuals who have been displaced or emotionally affected by the 2023 conflict within the community. Individuals who have been displaced or affected, regardless of their age, will be provided with therapeutic cinema experiences as a means of healing. Additionally, various events will be organized as part of this collaborative initiative, where everyone has joined forces to support each other's healing process. The event is subject to many alterations and modifications throughout its duration of two years, commencing on March 19, 2024, and concluding on March 19, 2026. The comprehensive scope of the project indicates that Film Forum Manipur and Tantha Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. must address certain factors related to the implementation of the event and will inform the public about its regulations and requirements for hosting this initiative.

Tantha Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (Tanthapolis Cinema) is providing sponsorship for the theater and films without any cost. We have asked our partner Kumec Cinema to only use our theater in Lamphel Sanakheithel during the morning shift because it has a higher capacity compared to our other facilities. However, Kumec Cinema will play a pivotal role in uniting reputable individuals who will be involved in this extraordinary trip of ours. Tantha is grateful once more for the sincere acceptance of our partnership with Kumec Cinema (Kakwa).

We are seeking donors who can provide funding for the transportation and dining aspects of the Heal the Feel & Feel the Heal initiative.
Initially, there are a total of four buses available each day for a round trip. Additionally, there are 350 food items available at the café, with the option of either lunch or breakfast, depending on the prevailing conditions.

Objective: Accommodate all displaced individuals and provide them shelter at the Tanthapolis Cinema.

We kindly urge everyone to contribute generously to the cause of our movement, so please assist us in "Heal the Feel & Feel the Heal." Please contact us at +91 9774174939 for further information regarding donations. If there is no answer, you can contact us via WhatsApp using the same number by saying "Heal the Feel and Feel the Heal.".

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for visiting the article. Your devotion and dedication to being part of this movement have been demonstrated.



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